Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Investor Education Training Road Show

Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and Institute of Securities Management & Research are holding First Investor Education Training Road Show at Bahria Auditorium, Karachi on 4, 5, and 6th of June 2010. Excellent Opportunity to know the Trade Secrets.

Below is the details of the program...

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nazish Lutfi Analysis on Pakistan's Economy on Geo

Nazish Lutfi Analysis on Pakistan's Economy on Geo Part - 1

Nazish Lutfi Analysis on Pakistan's Economy on Geo Part - 2

Nazish Lutfi Analysis on Pakistan's Economy on Geo Part - 3


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Research

Institute of Securities, Management & Research (ISMAR) is to provide the market an independent perspective on Pakistan and Global investment opportunities. Clients benefit from ISMAR expertise and experience in identifying value within the key trends in industry, technology developments and the associated changes in the structure of the World Economy. ISMAR specializes in innovative investment and business advice across the major financial markets and asset classes.

This includes official authorities in the following types of financial products -
(i) Derivatives
(ii) Foreign Exchange contracts,
(iii) Government debentures, stocks and bonds and
(iv) Securities: Includes equities and debentures.

ISMAR provides three related investment and business advisory services;

Identifying opportunities in the global marketplace ISMAR identifies investment opportunities for clients through its expertise and experience in analyzing industry trends, emerging technologies and overall developments in the global economy. This rigor extends to daily investment research that tracks the performance of major domestic and international asset markets. This analysis covers developments in Equities, Money Markets, Fixed Interest, Currencies, Commodity and Derivative markets.

Financial Markets
Financial Markets Advisory, Research and Risk Management ISMAR analysis of Pakistani and global financial markets allows our clients to develop unique insights into the trends developing through real time analysis of the events and data that influence prices. We offer a suite of products that enables the wholesale investor to manage the performance and risk exposure of their portfolios. These Financial Market services incorporate strategic advice on key financial market indicators in terms of trends, levels, risk factors and their impacts on investors and business. This advisory will be supported by daily reviews of Equity, Money Market, Fixed Interest, Currency, Commodity and Derivative markets that tracks moves in market levels, sentiment and early warning of potential changes in the medium term structure of the major capital markets.

Economic Research
Summarizing the investment and business environment. Developments in the Pakistan and Global economy ultimately determines the performance of investments, companies and drives the prices of all assets traded on financial markets. The medium term trends in the growth – inflation mix in particular set the risk – reward of the strategies implemented by wholesale investors and corporations.